Boy Laughs And Computer Burns

Tuesday, October 01, 2002

MARCH 2002
They are so beautiful and love to wear tights. And here's the best part, we all love potatoes. The equations are drawn in the shape of horses. And they already have their own helmets. Just from another planet with those legs. Something else to see was the top of her stocking tops as she bent over. Your jelly stays right in the middle. As I am now, so will you be. Featuring the same figure frowning in pink lingerie. My mother keeps legless goats. Nude trombone player in bath mystery. This is the cleavage. You may see grown squirrels crying in sadness. Her breasts were my breaths. It teaches girls to be feminine wearing tights and a skirt. You kiss me and tell me you love me. Except there are no dry cleaners in Peru. Even the shade of her stockings has changed to a warmer hue. I think you just got your trees. I have only two breasts. A satin gown slides up a thigh. She also has nice shoulders. You are naked the elderberry still bounces. Something with squirrels, I imagine. Let me massage you with rats. Norwegian people explode if they eat the right food. I'm a terrible masturbator. Stay in love forever. There's a closet behind that secretary. In those days men with the same face shot one another. Do they eat bread in Scotland?