Boy Laughs And Computer Burns

Tuesday, October 01, 2002

MARCH 2001
An ecstasy that is pure and truly human. Her skirt was pulled up to reveal stockings, suspenders and underpants. Actually, nothing has changed. My cat’s a Methodist. This one’s about to give you glory. Don’t blame the mechanism. When was the last time you cleaned your guns? All I could remember was four tomatoes. Sheer black or green tights with short tops that stopped at hosiery’s waistline. This is not the sea. Why is everything the same? While they are kissing you can see that she is wearing a bra. Wave it at anything that slithers. Bad hinge. I’ve seen this window before. I know you are, but what am I? Every now and then I have to run a little water through it. Are you a princess in distress? It’s definitely in the pot. You did wiggle the pyramid. She removes her shoes and stockings on a hot day. Muffin identification doesn’t mean anything. Orders from the house. Now, where was I? To roll myself towards the yellow stripe. Obviously my pot likes me. This is the Indian of a pursuit. I’m slow and I’m weak. To the right of the two stacks. It beat now only because it could. Did they throw grapefruit at the Jehovah’s witnesses?