Boy Laughs And Computer Burns

Tuesday, October 01, 2002

But a chihuahua's love made me look up again. We still need to get the other two bits. Why is there a towel on your head? Two squirrels are in the yard! Do you want your spoon back? You're thinking of a man with two knives. A brother who wears his mother's clothes. He was pointed towards the ocean and growling. They swung and trembled as she stooped to strip off tights. She was dressed in camels and zebras and goats. Just between that black hem and the black boot - the delicacy of her white stocking. He's capable of locating the gum. Like a lot of other guys I like wearing girls' tights and pantyhose. All I know is that I'm thrilled by your kiss. Are you not sorry for what you have done to my cake? Stop harassing my wise old yoghurt. No pants and a real tight sweater. I hammer dorsal fins into fish on a daily basis. And she made the camels drink also. Blowing bubbles in milk, smelling a baby. We're gonna learn the names of those green trees. I was never in my life so happy to see a chicken. Rip it like a bodice. Exotic nights should be spent in this bedroom. Underneath the bra is black. I really enjoyed that. Huge breasts on a waitress. Everybody looks relaxed with a shag. The lotus has delighted me for years. A long life eating porridge is best. The main lesbian is in the corner of the room and she's whipping up the milk.