Boy Laughs And Computer Burns

Tuesday, October 01, 2002

The only thing I really care about is my bed. The lump I have is useless. Old wall where sudden lizards flash. She's caressing the girls that are trying to caress me. The fabric that caresses the skin. I have seen the world's most beautiful women undress in ordinary solitude. We're talking about an illegal fish. And one pair of ladies' grey hose with lisle suspender tops. Could the freak be any more vague? The banana sticks to the wall. Boys like seeing girls in tights black or skin coloured it doesn't matter. This is the girl. I want to touch you in an undisclosed location. If they could send a woman wearing stockings who might whisper the word. I see my breasts seemingly inflate and stand erect. It's halfway between a pigeon's feather and the fog. Things get a little more intense. Obviously the gorillas don't come to you. Can I ask you about those boots? I like pantyhose on sexy woman wearing short skirts. I dream of snuggles and kisses and hugs. Kiss me, you’re beautiful – these are truly the last days. I love wearing thick cable knit sweater tights. All in all, it had been a weird, weird lottery. He’s gonna be a fry cook on Venus. Is this your mouth? Poison a hill and make him eat it. Three walls in the raspberry.