Boy Laughs And Computer Burns

Tuesday, October 01, 2002

And never to look at another camel. Others compare to pantyhose. Why is he hugging our trash? It's not really a floor. And she wore white tights underneath. Nude bodies twine erotically. May I express enjoyment of my pastry? Her skirt rising over fishnet stockings as she crosses her legs. Let's take the penguin higher. The more you stroke it, the more orange it becomes. And besides, the pig likes it. I'm merely offering you a crumpet. Maybe the curtains aren't that bad. In retrospect I'm not actually sure it was a horse. There are phantoms in this blood. Why does Jesus have a lasso? You can read through a tomato. The soup counts. I'm giving you a raise. Probably of greatest interest to roofing contractors. You must have natural breasts. Contemporary calf, headcap worn. The giraffe is the year's longest eyelash. Is there a black dog in your head? A strange man rubbing your head with a plastic cat. It's great to cuddle in the middle of the bed. There's nothing worse than losing a foot. That cactus is right. A biscuit is the stuff of a madman's dreams. A biscuit always forgets. You'll never hear a sharper China.