Boy Laughs And Computer Burns

Tuesday, October 01, 2002

APRIL 2002
When she caresses her nipples she soon feels like making love. My boyfriend pleads with me to show off my stockinged foot. We can't just sit around talking about your ankles. His heart crushes for her. Just once I'd like a parrot to say that to me. With black tights, sexy seams running up to their thighs. I must have fruit. There seems to be something with feathers flashing at us. I would really welcome a floor that is different. A beautiful woman groaning in the storms of her own melee. Ghosts removed their pants for chastened filaments. Stockings, a rubber mask and more. We're not supposed to, but sometimes we go to the moon. They encourage the girls to wear tights or pantyhose. I'm still the ugliest man in China. Your ground is so comfortable. My thumb is fading fast. And I hope she's not on her pyramid. Deep in the dark a kiss will thrill me. It was the only place he could experiment with his cheeses. A person should run only when he's being chased. What about the tights - did you get the red ones? She'll bring her own soap. I wanna tell you but I just can't find the voice. My uncle still has my nose. But they're so beautiful. Am I buying you the eggs or are you buying me the eggs? I am firing pearls at you. Let me be the shy one in your volume. The midget flew off the chair.