Boy Laughs And Computer Burns

Monday, September 30, 2002

These homes are called igloos, but no matter where you live. A couple of days of sex, sex and more sweaty hot sex. Waking up and seeing you by my side is wonderful. Never burn your arms again. Know that in some sense you are already dead. Do you want to be encouraged by the neck? It's half a bra. An array is the thing. Sick geese. A bad day fishing is better than a good day dying. Two makes a wing. I wish I could remember my name. You can get hurt very easily with that submarine. You seem to know your way around women's underwear. The dress came back from the dead. I heard the trees saying something else. That is not merely a duck up on that pedestal. Does anybody have any questions? I've been learning how to light a fire. Putting boxes next to bumpy things. A person and a person walk into a place. I crouched down low and let him have the silver swan in the groin. People are shaving penguins left and right. I am mad, therefore I am. Ready to be and do whatever you desire. The night is upon us my love. Try to be nicer to God. I need some kind of sock or something. I killed my monkey. You will each be provided with a leotard and a spear.