Boy Laughs And Computer Burns

Monday, September 23, 2002

You’re positively sizzling. A country peopled with people. You may have been carrying an atomic suitcase. Physical contact does more good than two minutes talking. For he needs to love another, and the obstacle to this is that he cannot manifest, cannot speak, such love. They’re waiting, but their eyes are open. Let’s just stand here and love each other. A forward wench, dragging me into a dark hallway to be kissed. Do you like my tights? It’s this shirt that’s funny. Supporting women by wearing their clothes. Why did you buy a deaf dog? Christ continues to plot against his father. His heart cracked, and he fell in love. Love is as welcome as a sunny, sunny day. Squeeze me - I’m as good as new. I have a fine woman. In my dreams I love you. Stop breathing, turn cold and die. They are both identically different, except for the other one. A whale that failed to rub its pixie. A dartboard on fire near a toothpick farm. I love cosy. Get serious about stripping. Bring me flowers so I can smell. I’ve been wanting to kiss you for a long time. I invented the banana. And I like a woman with things on top. Whose dog have I killed? Finding Angel’s underwear in his bedroom.