Boy Laughs And Computer Burns

Monday, September 23, 2002

I only get five? She wanted to look pretty and romantic so we gave her something long and flowing. Every waitress has the same proportions. Nothing is left of me each time I see her. This picture proves I have a washing machine. I treat horses good and. I needed an inflammable animal. I thought he said he was an elk. There’s this girl that I really like and I think about her all the time. Black, straight shining hair down over her breasts. I have it teased by a weeping widow. Kissing with tongues works best if you start gently exploring your partner’s mouth. Songs don’t have to be about despair, but despair must be prominent. Please take my hand please give me a hug please kiss me. A woman spending a lot of money on a silk and lace camisole that she alone will see. As we went about in the stormy heat. Nobody’s gonna spoil us. Can you get your buttocks off my tongue? Do not move let the wind speak that is paradise. Every time I see a female I imagine her undressed. I’ve got a buffalo at home. You’ll never be hurt again because you’re permanently stuck with the pain you know. Open up, I love you, I adore you. I have accepted the loss of everything. I’ve got to find myself a girl tonight. I carve this heart for dear Leona. They both like to pick up skirts. I’d invite you to my death, but we don’t know each other that well. That’s why you left me by that tree. Tomorrow may loveless, may lover tomorrow make love. Will a life be considered worth living if it’s not recorded?