Boy Laughs And Computer Burns

Monday, September 23, 2002

And here on the right is the girl of my choice. Follow a new route in the search for Judith. And then there’s a single, sweet kiss. Why don’t you play the water balloons? I broke my husband’s finger just to get over a bridge. At least now I know what it’s like to have kissed you. It’s comforting to have somebody to love. We have to hug someone for a whole minute to improve our lifestyles. And eagerly I’ll kiss thee in a dream. You might to think of it as the east buttock. And capacious, flowing skirts. We are united by all the ties of love that we hold most sacred. I feel like an overgrown banana. Going crazy about someone can be unbearable if it’s not reciprocated. To realise how much you feel for someone can bring huge sadness because you then live in fear of losing them. The uncontaminated breasts of a female companion. You’ll be excited to hear that I’ve got my breasts out as well. Don’t stop until you find someone who loves. The other six are about jelly. But could you send me some kisses anyway? We’re rehearsing a Greek play. Girls can hug and kiss each other. Come and drown in my lavender bosoms. Then I think I should have a kiss. It’s not a formation terribly popular with skunks. With a mouth full of kisses and a beautiful smile. Love is...surprising her with flowers. Dear Mandy, I know this sounds really stupid but what is oral sex? Suddenly I’m subjected to the entire history of the internal combustion engine. I always knew I’d be loved one day.