Boy Laughs And Computer Burns

Friday, September 20, 2002

I need to become involved very much. I’ll have all my fronts on one side of my body. My legs don’t reach the bottom. I want my toaster for my toaster. These grapes are right on the edge. Sadomasochists are differently pleasured. A diamond in the ash. To be loved, what a feeling, to be loved. You’d fall down without them. When you give love it will come back in return. I need something warm and comforting. You have a thing in your mouth. Is this a question? You’ve been dancing with a girl for two years. Have I got some duck flutes for you? That skull is five million years old. Her or against. Keep it to yourself. Let your song only be interrupted by our kisses. Then Christmas came early. What happens to dreams if you have everything? I just want to be seduced by something which is wonderful. I don’t like eating oranges in the dark. This is probably the most gorgeous hotel I’ve ever seen. He has a spoon but no memory. Do it yourself rope. You have always been the caretaker. Pardon my French. The witch hit me with a toaster. What the hell is a limpet?