Boy Laughs And Computer Burns

Monday, September 30, 2002

MAY 2000
A man without hand is not a hand. It isn't the sex, it's the words. The teapot will not break its bonds. Always speak to a horse before approaching him. All I want now is happiness for you and me. Now I've let myself love you. I can't get any holders for my share. He just likes to wear dresses. Never walk downhill toward a helicopter. You have to drink some of the blue and show me your tongue. Up to their quivering breasts and their laughing faces. None of my children are famous. That bird is crabby. Together forever we shall be. He's trying to buy back a loaf of his soul. Prunes and an unfinished merlot. The leg is soft and hugs the shape of the leg well. Get my brown pants. Two astronauts from the sun landed in my yard. If I was wearing a dress, things were easier. Each boat contained something precious - often there was a small flower inside. And then there's the shipwreck over there. Who told you to put the cheese on? The sad lad falls. Dirty, but popular. Sex is particularly more important than administrative work. Colourless green ideas sleep furiously. We’ll have some breakfast. Unfairness smelled like onions. The nakedness of woman is the work of God. Can I hug you on the bus?