Boy Laughs And Computer Burns

Monday, September 23, 2002

MAY 1995
My testicles are super! A lingerie shop without a front window. Even her freakish nipples are akimbo. I’d love to have a girlfriend. Maybe it’s because I’m Irish. One more thing is true - I love you. Very gentle nuzzling and pressing of lips can be pretty hot. The scent of roses always reminds me of her. Long, flowing skirts and chunky boots. And I know I’m never going to have a girlfriend. He received some roses from a young lady. Like soft love that makes life delicious. The saint who loved Mandy no matter what. I’m useless and I know it. Obsessional love is painful. This is a serious waste of a Wonderbra. A lady is a nice thing. And its tail would stand waiting in Edinburgh. The shoes are a signal. Fingers frisking bras. You’re dying while you’re breathing. You just suck the area of skin as though you were giving a huge widemouthed sucky kiss. Our yaks are really large. A very vivid character with a fish in one hand and a lewd gesture in the other. Nylon stockings less real than silk? Women can see breasts any time they want. I’ll dream of when I last kissed your eyes. I’ll expect you tomorrow in a skirt. Anything that made the breasts bounce up and down. Don’t change, the right girl will love you. Now we sit with a goose between us.