Boy Laughs And Computer Burns

Monday, September 23, 2002

MAY 1994
It’s easy to go crazy for a dream. They ate my grandfather? And my wife doesn’t like it when you watch her go to the toilet. Women falling down the stairs are a good thing. My favourite word is loneliness. She doesn’t even see just how beautiful she is to me. It could be the greatest kiss in history. Nothing more foolish than a man chasing his hat. Nice hooters. My mouth must be punished. Up in a loft so the wolves won’t eat them. Goodbye. And a legible hedgehog. I still love you and you’ve done nothing wrong. People feel extreme emotions for other people. You’re a tree without a shadow. I need my bed. Firecrackers are made in Italy. It’s very warm. I grind my own beans. I know where you are, I wish I was there. The wild, mysterious, improbable kind of love that never comes but once. I wanna get my hands back on her feet. I’m told my penmanship is lacking. That’s my other dog imitation. True love grows, develops and lives very deep within you. You can tell it’s not a deaf baboon. Give me your heart, I’ll give you mine first. That beautiful drop dead curving spine. A big building with food. My breasts float.