Boy Laughs And Computer Burns

Friday, September 20, 2002

MAY 1992
His voice grabs you by the ankles of the heart. Maybe the hats killed them. It’s not your fault you’re a nig-nog. My window frame resonates to C-sharp. I want my epidural! You’ll be tomorrow’s target, Margaret. It was the day my grandmother exploded. The cabbage is under the oak tree. I know, I’ll go hang myself. Everywhere he goes, his vest goes. Have you got an interesting medal? A prawn’s a prawn in a stir-fry. Sleazy Prescott to pull Dr Carey’s moving parts. Hundreds of photos of enormous bums in jeans. Plugging into Jesus and harnessing his power. Every day is Sunday, apart from the two Wednesdays. I was shocked by the vegetables. My room fell out of the building. She sat smiling and wiping plums with slow easy movements. The pink watering-can is his daughter’s. You know me and onions. A beautiful woman took his voice away. I should fix your radiator more often. Fornication within ten feet of my western boundary. Judge orders reshaped banana for molester. It’s very difficult to trot spunkily. I was barking in front of the Museum of Modern Art. The lozenge of an unmarried woman.