Boy Laughs And Computer Burns

Friday, September 20, 2002

MARCH 1992
The Queen has to do special neck exercises. When I took one, the wheel fell off. Love is a mighty big thing. This is a job for the Australian. Be happy with Bolton Wanderers. You must dance for me while I name some vegetables. Give ‘im the money, Reg. What a personal disaster. And coming soon a badge making service! I like to be acquainted with the women that I kiss. Looks like one of your boxes, Frank. You know when you’ve been Tango’d. We’re trying to shampoo a pig. There are no records in this cabinet. They put this stuff on fish, you know. I can drop three tons of dynamite in two minutes. Freedom to the pike is death to the minnows. A hug makes you feel good all day. Up the babes! I was up all night trying to think like a shower. Even the angel appeared. Girls are best! I give my honey love and she pays me back with pity. Rabbit hair? - This is cruelty. Frozen foods is an interesting section. Kind of like a hippo, but with feathers. I’ve just started shiftwork and we very rarely have sex.