Boy Laughs And Computer Burns

Monday, September 30, 2002

JUNE 2000
Slinky thing making faint sizzling sound. I love you because you are what you are. I love pineapple. Kissing my feet is nice. Hurling yourself from a moving car should be a last resort. How can you explain the frame? The fellow who taught me is now President of Venezuela. Or the naked guy covered in breadcrumbs. I'm not a good fish. But the little green wheels are following me. And owls fly out of oven doors. That's just asking for lizards. Exploding thighs she was lipstick in tears. Dress sexy at my funeral my good wife. And this is for coming back. We need a sound wall. You really want to out bags on the shelf. Those hands beneath the silk of my dress, under flimsy satin and lace. Would you please stop doing that with your hat? The pizza spy in the food warmer. I bet they make it home before the pies. We had no obligation to explain the pillow. Sexy wrestler's boobs explode. Love has touched me in a beautiful way. Why are there children walking on my head? Martha wasn't there, so I masturbated in the tree. Don't you like any other bits? You display the wonderful traits of charm and courtesy.