Boy Laughs And Computer Burns

Monday, September 30, 2002

JUNE 1999
Things hurt, and growing up is hard, but kissing helps. You're getting your fingerprints all over my dogs. This bee wants to kill itself. There are no other guys attached to me. I have your butterfly. Everything happens for the first time. I love you forever and a day - a long, long day. It would be best for men to have sex with more than ten women a night. You are the world. You can paint yourself bright green all over, and dance naked. I'm no seismologist either. I got stuck in your dirty pillows. He takes a dove from her mouth and puts it over her heart. It was certain that there was not a rhinoceros in the room. Look at the raspberry. What colour is blue? It's tough keeping your feet dry when you're kicking in a skull. His fetish for photographing penguins becomes tiresome. The love I have for you I cannot deny. In that woman there's a heart I love. I'd rather kiss a basketball. And before that you were bumped by a lizard. That was some kiss. And reached the wall of underwear. How to have happy spine. I think a trip to Hawaii would really improve our sex life. Boy laughs and computer burns. I cut velvet for forty years. The kitchen was filled with the suggestive smell of hot metal. There never was a dog.