Boy Laughs And Computer Burns

Thursday, September 26, 2002

JUNE 1998
They weren’t allowed to touch his face. An old man at a young woman’s breast. I can just grab any set of ankles and run? I thought it was rather an imperious goose. I keep thinking it's Tuesday. All underwear is sexy. Some strange gypsies stole my shoes. If it’s oblivion they want, they could surely have orgasms. Give me a large comfy bed and a beautiful woman any day. We do today what we have to do today. It’s so round and cute and cuddly. Every girl must purchase a skirt. Stockings, brassiere, dress. I don’t want no one but you to love me. I can’t sleep at night, thinking about you. It takes many years of making love to experience this absolute confidence and to know someone so very intimately. When you kiss a young woman whose skin is soft, really very soft, you get excited. Start out by kissing and stroking and teasing each other until you two can’t stand it any more. An image of a writhing couple slithers its way over the bed. Or shall I just kiss you? And the youngest boy has started dressing up in women’s clothing. Many waters cannot quench love, neither can the floods drown it. Girls in panties - fantastic pictures. Do you have a monkey in your pants? The unique nature of the female breast, which behaves like a kind of moving liquid. I will hold your artificial leg while you eat chicken. Soft breast offered in return for strong shoulder. There are things about your partner that drive you mad with passion. The thrill of seeing an attractive woman flash her embroidered knickers as she bends and stretches is central to the male fantasy. The bust of your dreams for only £29.99!