Boy Laughs And Computer Burns

Monday, September 23, 2002

JUNE 1996
One day he decided to try sewage. Sometimes love just dies. Let’s get home before we burst into flames. Little old ladies keep asking him what to do with their gooseberries. You are simply kissing in different ways at the moment. Do I bare my legs or go for heavy black tights? I’d like the last two slices please. I disagree with everybody who disagrees with me. I am tired of living and scared of dying. I can’t remember my eyes. I may be nuts, but I love this bridge. There is also a lovely story about a shoelace. All the clumsiness and incoherence of true love. My knee tells the weather. More music from sexy German films. I’ve got a low pain threshold in love. All I ever do is look at balls. Those damn Gideons. Rejection kills, disappointment only maims. You must have a really wide foot. What’s the silliest hat you’ve ever bought? The spirit will not Descend without Song. Secret heart, what are you made of? Get the damn gorilla on now. In his bedroom clothes are always neatly folded. Do you want your cucumber bruised? To lose someone you love is complicated as well as terrifying. Your face always makes me better. Can you believe that guitar? I’m in love with the person I think I’m in love with.