Boy Laughs And Computer Burns

Friday, September 20, 2002

JUNE 1992
She’s got a lot of behind. Our knickers were interesting. Humour is the economy of psychic energy. The planet will win. It’s inordinately capacious, JD. All kinds of people love all kinds of people. St George is doomed. Nothing is worth my Trev. It’s a love orange. Kiss my ewe. Do you want some butter? Sugar plum fairy sugar plum fairy. He looks like a chipmunk. Gary Lineker is being pulled off by the England manager. He wants the wind up his bottom. People don’t keep papier-mâché swordfish in specially converted fire engines. How did she know I needed a hug? It’ll certainly be in my collection. There’s this raccoon with a shower cap on. I’m happy with towels. Not to be hump-shunted. There was one unsettling dream where I was wrestling with David Niven. I’m a happy-go-lucky guy smiling inwardly at the world.