Boy Laughs And Computer Burns

Thursday, September 26, 2002

JULY 1998
So I tied an onion to my belt. Your head turned down to mine and, brushing against my ear, you whispered something. She slammed her breasts on my head and just about knocked me out. All I really want is a big hug. The horses just don’t gossip anymore. Always will I love you - my one, my love, my all. Wrapping a kettle in toilet paper and leaving it on the lavatory. The most intense joy lies not in the having but in the desiring. Now the gerbils are all on board. This rope is soft and pretty. A priest dresses up as an ape and gets laid. I think I’ll stay here all alone and dress up in my mum’s old clothes. Breasts dipped in varying depths of water. It’s meant to make you buy the underpants. He slipped his head under her skirt, hid himself between her legs and began to kiss her. While my heart is beating my love for you will last. Not everyone is qualified to own wood and nails. A woman’s face never looks more beautiful than when she has just made love. Did you kindly bury my cat? The air is so full of sea and the sea so full of air. Sensuous, creamy layers of lace and silk expose her ivory back and firm, round neck. With arms around each other, kissing and rubbing noses. Monk’s toffee ends elephant mayhem. The trampoline I have now is good. The sensations you love, skin against skin, being touched and kissed. The fish was hung from wooden pegs bear the chimney. Yes, they kicked their legs and showed their knickers. The deceptive caress of a giraffe. That drink does not exist. The wild, weird and tender mysteries of truly making love. I happen to be attracted to orange breasts.