Boy Laughs And Computer Burns

Thursday, September 26, 2002

JULY 1997
Step away from the duck. Your lips are constantly under attack. We fight and then we buy each other bowling balls. My constant companion beneath the skirts. All that matters is that both partners find sex loving and comfortable. Boy meets girl, boy loses girl and then boy wins girl back again. I don’t do too well with love. A couple of very persuasive arguments. Yesterday a little leg, today lots of breast. I thought you meant raisin nipple nuts. I didn’t believe I could fall in love so fast. Between men and women there are things which arise. Anything you can feel or touch is better. Look in my eyes and tell me that you love me. I am more shy with members of the opposite sex. He was funny and nervous and strange. Personally, I find guilt very sexy. Lesbian kisses heal. My wife’s a SEX ADDICT - I need a rest. It’s taken us four days to find an idiot. Hens are better than breasts. Miss Y had removed her tights before slipping down her dress, removing her bra and kissing. You’re sweet. I want rampant eroticism and obsessive uncontrollable lust. I cry for the love in your eyes. Falling in love with someone is a very powerful feeling. I went out shopping and bought myself a gorgeous silk basque and stockings. There is someone else out there who can give you the feeling of being loved. Does obsession always end in tragedy? This has been a very successful cake. A man’s life without the company of women is just plain empty.