Boy Laughs And Computer Burns

Friday, September 20, 2002

JULY 1992
Did you know anyone else in the bag? Self-respect isn’t important when you’re in love. My mother had six nipples and would lick my belly. What I really want is to lick her naked body from head to foot like a postage-stamp. Nothing dangles in my car. Everyone should have a soldering-iron. Grey sticky tape. Modern life is rubbish. Tights only. The pen that is revolutionising the writing industry. Is what it is like or what it is like in words. She’s even washed my double-barrelled slingshot. Guaranteed sticky forever. Kneeling bus please ask driver. The Lord provides. You can see a lot of the world from railings. Everyone should hear about little Brian. Look at the size of that man’s thighs. You can call me Louis Armstrong. Maybe chocolate has wings and flew away somewhere. The backstroke in Hungary is unbelievable at the moment. This is no ordinary furnace. I’ve only got two heads.