Boy Laughs And Computer Burns

Friday, September 20, 2002

JULY 1990
I know where the Ambersil 40+ protective lubricant is. I know something you don’t know. I forgot my montre. There is an A and there is a B, but there is no C. Zero Talent and his amazing walking feet. S Hewitt is a hour. You and your funny ideas. The old magic’s still there. At right angles to reality. The money’s lousy but the hours are brilliant. How stupid can you get? Precious diamond as you are. And then again, maybe not. Fortunately the house has been relatively stigmata-free of late. Do you keep pigs in your parlour? We’ve got a prime number of fish fingers. Little bleeders. I’ve married the wrong woman. I’ve got a special purpose. My brother has been very apologetic of late. Good vibes! It’ll hurt.