Boy Laughs And Computer Burns

Thursday, September 26, 2002

Something sexy, something spiritual. The first time you are naked with a girlfriend is bound to be a nervous occasion. A celebration of the intense happiness small, shared pleasures can bring. I wanna hold you naked. I thought you might wanna snuggle. Nobody would see me cry and then I would go and break my heart somewhere. I use anticipation because it’s one of the most erotic aspects of sex. Behold the master living lover. Cynicism, nihilism, sarcasm and orgasm. How warm do you like to be in bed? Nice and smooth, although I prefer more shiny thighs. Still just a potato. Rhythmic tasks become associated with a feeling of sexual anticipation. How was your journey from Finland? In search of Nancy and the True Story. The more I like a girl, the more nervous I get. Offering to spend your life and raise children with someone is the most important promise you’ll ever make. When I plugged her in she just blew up. A cat got sick, and somebody shot a duck, but that’s it. I held you and kissed you and tried to keep you from flying about the room. Make love in bed. A smooth, soft, supple thigh peaking above a lacy black stocking. The need to be close turns out to be far more important than the actual physical act. She slipped into her black dress and pulled on her sheer, black stockings. Seduced by her lace stockings. When you fall in love, you can’t stop talking about it. There was nothing else like her, and her uniqueness was the reason for all creation. There is nothing like a kiss long and hot down to your soul. As her dress opened and fell to her feet, he saw her dazzling body suddenly naked. People use cannabis to relax, and have a greater sense of colour and sound. He came here to hurt me and he brought me a box of biscuits.