Boy Laughs And Computer Burns

Monday, September 23, 2002

Another heart won’t gladly take your place. Amanda, to say that you are obsessed with make-up is an understatement. Even skinny people’s legs rub together. People who hardly touch each other can still be in love. We got a box. Isn’t it sad when bad things happen to good sentences? Brian is the root of goodness. Kissing is a lovely thing. If only she wasn’t wearing those black stockings. The plastic right leg, dressed in a stocking and black shoe, was found in a street. Hard core black tights go with anything (and hide your legs!), but they’re not really cuddlesome. Violets - how precious on a mountain path. Everything from the bum down has to be dark, says Amanda. I find you very attractive, and a little bit sad. The little girl with red hair. Grab your pole and put your canoe in the water. Listen to other people make love in your bed. Glass will cut glass. I honestly don’t have one - Winona Ryder. I only want to be able to hold somebody’s hand. Take the brown hair and blue eyes. How separate and unearthly love is. Sheer tights will never be as cosy as opaque ones, but they will keep out the worst of the cold. I sat by her side, and forgot - forgot. Shyness with women has plagued me all my life. You could grow tomatoes in my hair. That’s my left breast again. Boys can be very cruel about breasts. Isn’t life too short to stuff a tulip? Please curb your lint. You’re too busy studying feet at that time of day.