Boy Laughs And Computer Burns

Monday, September 23, 2002

There is no joy for me without Helen. And girls can top them up with a pair of white tights and a short skirt. Romance is passion, imagination, beauty. It’s kind of nice to kiss a woman. The more relaxed he is, the faster the woman transforms into an angel. I was wondering if you would like to be mine. In case you hadn’t noticed, I have a crush on you. I’m a strong believer in young love and gratitude. Consuming all the women like a giant sponge. That’s the short version of Mandy. You don’t understand that I want you, that I need you. An unborn baby doesn’t know what shops are. I wanna lick some navel! And of course my electric toothbrush. This is an experienced mouth. Go ahead and be scared. I’ll show you how small my potatoes are. I can have this romantic love last forever. Her biceps are said to be formidable. I have it displayed in a very prominent position. You made me act like a fool over you. A mixture of pale compassion and grim curiosity. Can you hear this on my tongue? I’m a mere mortal: all I can offer you is my heart. Now I’m left to face the world broken hearted and alone. I have twelve different kinds of cheese in my pants. Judith, I do the coupon just to get away from you. Love does not come to an end. I believe those are hips. I think Judith’s point of view is very valid. Without her love, I don’t exist.