Boy Laughs And Computer Burns

Monday, September 30, 2002

Dangling, dipping and playing with high heels, pantyhose, stockings. Pulp couldn't make it across the table. He was playing me like he'd play a fish. My tennis shoes are old. Itchy mesmerising dance. It never made me happy before. Most purchasers could identify the correct usages for the tights. How do locations like the machines? A world of sexy feet clad in shiny pantyhose and silky stockings. Immoral symbol of shameless worship. Invent a dance, bake a pie or throw some in the sea. A wild animal has clawed on leather. We have to be kissing - close. Symbolises the love of the heart. There was a wet sort of explosion, audible for several miles. And walk out with a box of raisins. They never saw anybody go after balls with such gusto. Held your hands to my shining eyes and smiled as you kissed me. The art of lifting her skirt over her ankles. You will not drown. It's more fun than it looks. Six beautiful women will show you their panties. The universe will help me. A pair of feminine feet in black hosiery. I'm torn between the desire to create and the desire to destroy. And completing it with the midget imitating Judy Garland. In the matter of gravy he is adamant. And stay away from those squirrels. Well, it was somebody's arm.