Boy Laughs And Computer Burns

Thursday, September 26, 2002

Every gun makes its own tune. It feels so good to hold you. Asleep, I see her in my dreams: awake I dream of her. She’s a fat man’s dream. Four days later he’s a frozen chicken. I can only help him if he’s damaged his genitals. Being nervous in front of a girl you like is not a problem. My love was begotten by despair upon impossibility. Did Tchaikovsky have to explain his steam engine? We love each other, so we stay together. All his romantic energy folded in upon itself. Let Polly do the printing. The heart wants what it wants. Mandy - the best looking girl I’d ever seen. Stretch out with your feelings. A lion whom love knew how to conquer. You said suspenders but you didn’t say stockings. They call it the slink dress. A pair of very modest, black opaque tights. Heaven is being in love, and the love never stops. She’s the puzzle piece behind the couch that makes the sky complete. Lay across my big breasts, babe. She turned me down but I still love her more than anything in the world. Lyrics use abstract metaphors (plums, stockings). Kissing, kissing, kissing. Anyone who’s been in love knows how difficult it can be. I’m a big tall horny girl. Every inch of my skin is crying for your hands.