Boy Laughs And Computer Burns

Thursday, September 26, 2002

Suck honey from fuchsia. You know the heart is a very resilient little muscle. I lost control of myself and I behaved like a fool. I can offer no greater sign of trust than to say you are someone with whom I would steal horses. See naked girl menaced by giant python. A golden glow - both inside and out. He wandered in search of happiness and the joy of love. We’re here to suffer, and our profession in this world is to die. Pick out something black and sexy and prepare to do some funky poaching. You can’t hurry an elm. All the dreams he would dream in this warmth of his bed. I’ve always enjoyed studying a new tongue. What if a duck made an omelette? You smell nice, you know. The vibrations would worry a horse. There is a nightmare bandaged on my brow. I am to my beloved as my beloved is to me. Bite the button off her shirt the first time you make love. Are you sure you threw the leaves? Where the pyjamas intersect with the expensive shirts. File me away in your heart someday. She pulls me to her bosom and deposits sloppy kisses all over both my cheeks and tells me how lovely I am. Never in my life have I been so full of love. Aliens stole my badger’s rectum. Can we make love tonight? Consume sound like song. In my dreams I am a beautiful naked rhinoceros kidnapped by dolphins and dragged out to sea. Whatever it is, no onions! I must, I must improve my bust. She kept up a curious kind of writhing. Beautiful like you can’t imagine.