Boy Laughs And Computer Burns

Monday, September 23, 2002

How else are you going to flatten the badger? It’s a doomed love, but this moment is happy. And to be made of something less dangerous than wool. Says he bought you roses, signed the card Guess Who. You’re in the throes of existential angst. Three mistakes do not change the name of a flower. Daddy good sleep now. I ain’t ever found peace on the breast of a girl. I am ashamed of being stupid. No reservoir is a tie. You have invaded the city of sponges. Otherwise the rug would be perfect. Take her clothes off and bring her to me. I never knew a woman could be so red. A good functional foot with a reasonable appearance. Guy = dead flowers. There’s nothing sadder than a guy who wants his maiden and is denied her. I wait. One hell of a seminal basketball experience. Your right door is ajar. How’s your old dad? Do you recognise this banana? Fax me some halibut. These gorillas are strong. The heart must be touched. What could they possibly have been reaching for? I’m gonna stop glowering at people in the precinct. Don’t breathe until I see you again. And that’s a fact. This one needs ten elephants. I’m that way with beautiful naked women.