Boy Laughs And Computer Burns

Thursday, September 26, 2002

No, France is not the best place to be a gooseberry. One thing I remember was the cow that flew past me. Most men prefer satin and lace, traditional ideas of what’s girlie. Are you the policeman who hasn’t eaten? Six weeks after making love on the giant, I fell pregnant. I don’t cry for the small boat. I think it’s the fishnet stockings. A solitary bee that builds its nest of mud. Romantic love is definitely here to stay. In the pink boudoir of a vast castle, a woman lies on pink satin sheets. Two clammy, sweaty bodies rolling together. Or am I destined to walk the dog forever? Sex makes woman more beautiful. Your time has come: the time for love. I miss your lips, your hands, your whole warm and strong body and your face and your smiles, your voice. I shall make a great queen. We shall all be feeding baby hedgehogs unless we stop burning. A giant anvil is threatening the state of Kentucky. We were destined for each other, so keep your heart for me. Wherever I go, whoever I’m with, I’m thinking of you. Your breasts are just as firm and juicy. Unimportant moments last forever. If I’m wearing sexy underwear, I feel great. This book is not a toy. Kiss me again, rekiss me and kiss me. Taken away by Nancy. What is wrong with a little kiss between friends? The woman is like an artichoke. A dragon followed me back to the shops. What I’d like is I like to hug and kiss you. Bad luck to you and your chickens, you old fool.