Boy Laughs And Computer Burns

Thursday, September 26, 2002

She doesn’t know how I feel abut her, but whenever I see her I feel guilty. Love crept up behind him just when he’d got used to the idea that it would never happen. Suddenly I discovered a whole new feeling in my heart. A small hole in the ground in a potato field. It’s not too late to find a girlfriend this summer. Sex often makes fools of men and women. Men who fancy her do so because she seems to offer the chance of dirty sex. You're gonna start to have tender feelings for a girl. The power of breasts is the diversity of breasts. I have the fastest turtle in the world. All that connects the two of you is your phantasy. Thank you, Nancy, for that wonderful description of you visit to Disney World. A sense of abandonment and yearning which used to bring bodies together. We have misplaced some extremely important chickens. Oh, love can be so sweet! The true beloved of this world are in their lover’s eyes lilacs opening. Next time you have to give tablets to your cat, pop her in a pillowcase. Everybody needs love and nobody should live without knowing someone loves them. My breasts are ruining my life. Love is a feeling that can only be experienced, not explained. Spiky heels cater to men’s phantasies. I dreamed you were dreaming of me dreaming of you. I sing because my heart is light. It even takes on your normal body heat to give the felling that it’s actually part of your breast. Love is an actual thing. Are you looking for one special relationship? She danced all night by herself in black underwear and smeared lipstick. I want to be happy but I can’t be happy till I make you happy too. All I could do was express my love in six different tenses. Breathe your love is dark inside of me. There’s nothing like a heart that burns.