Boy Laughs And Computer Burns

Monday, September 23, 2002

I’ll be a very, very fat pig. A kiss has always got something to say. Marvellous pigs in satin. I am a fool who wants to kiss your beautiful face. My girl is calling me. My lips went and I just followed. Personally, I’d rather have one true kiss. As you feel more comfortable and excited gently part their teeth with your tongue. Do not pretend you are kissing her when you lick the envelope. Lovers know that love is everything. A lot of people hate this hat. I think this is the rabbit. I’m a little black woman in a big silver box. My skirt fell down to my ankles - but I had on thick black tights. I am still living with your ghost. Is it the king approaching? Would you like to see an elephant? I am not ashamed to let you know that I love you so much. You just wished him a spicy pasta. A scantily dressed young woman is being handcuffed and threatened with a sword. I’ve dreamed of the moment that I would hold her in my arms. I let myself fall deeply and completely in love with her. Ladies, the moon is on its way! My present girlfriend, Amanda. The cheese is old and mouldy. The correct answer is Finland. Think about nothing at all but the kiss you’re kissing. If only that rampant, hormonal woman next to you would leave you alone. Am I not also Mrs. Blow? I can pretty much name any flower I see. The bat suspended from Leona’s hairdo was repulsed by her Nuit Blanche perfume.