Boy Laughs And Computer Burns

Monday, September 23, 2002

Definitely Thank God. Did you listen to his hips? Anaesthetics at the birth of a potato. Searching for that last kiss with my hands pressed tight against my heart. Why don’t you just ask her to go out with you? Our cow just had a baby and you ate the placenta? That’s a fish. The tip of the penis used to be a fairly accurate yardstick. I should make more of them. He spat on Balzac. I keep meaning to cut my bells off. I thought about you and I cried. Everyone expected just a piece of fluff. Ladies with large breasts or just anyone who likes policemen. Wear your hair back to show your beautiful eyes. It must be the person. That’s a picture of four dead aliens. I think Chinese medicine would be interesting. Those pajamas are impossible. Shall I start above or below the waist? I don’t even know how to kiss anybody. The third buffalo was perfect. The evening wore on. When a pig is eating stool, he thinks he’s enjoying life. Kinder eggs are good too. Someone gave me wishes and I wished for an embrace. I clean a detective’s bathroom. Every winter I used to kick my dogs. I must be fantastic to be loved so intensely. That tree is on its last legs. Girls LIKE shy boys who are honest and decent.