Boy Laughs And Computer Burns

Monday, September 30, 2002

APRIL 2000
She had a deep interest in kinky, perverted sex. What does my daughter have to do with crocodiles? The music I am hearing now is warming my heart. The building will protect itself. Mutual touching and stroking are essential. I'm as sad as a sad Egyptian. The perception of perflection. An entire Irish soccer team. The man put his mouth to the woman's breast and kept it there. What the hell does she want with half a boat? I'll let you out if you’ve made enough saxophones. Kisses on her neck, her breasts through her dress. The sad milkman in love with the moon. Breasts abound, but no more than do women's faces. And then stay in their sexy lingerie. What is a snail's fury? This hotel is full of misunderstandings. Did I have to read something about rabbits having a picnic? Gone to wake up the sparrows. Trying out what it feels like to be desperately in love. Same item appears twice. And real musicians can tell he's playing more from the left buttock than the right. Looking for love, falling in love. They could buy paper and tape it to the wall. Whether they make sense or badger. I'm wearing a lot of hats these days, but I'm loving it. Come with us and watch naked girls dance around. Excellent for making up stories and composing slogans and marching music. Look how square it is. How can you sit there and call pigeons saddles when tall grass saddles the fairies' wings so easily?