Boy Laughs And Computer Burns

Monday, September 30, 2002

APRIL 1999
Radiant in taffeta and carrying a birdcage. You’re nothing to me. I must be out, or I’d pick up the phone. Have you hugged your horse today? I will always have a small head. If I were perfect, you’d love me. Finally, we can breathe. A handsome Hispanic male cups her breasts with his palms and outlines her nipples with his tongue. This is an example of my shoe. I was born to love music. I was looking at you with a loving smile. Long passionate kisses in lonely places. I’m sitting on a mountain of stumps. And I have a little cow. My bowels will wait no longer. Cutlery falling into a bath and the static from a cheap radio? Please keep your children away from this sign. Touch it, sniff it, rub it against your cheek. She is the horizon and all my thoughts end in her. Borrowing things from my blood. I loved before I met you and I met you just in time. I hope my pony knows the way home. Turn your head and cough. I want to be your foam peanut. Leave the cactus alone, son. The mind is a monkey and honey so am I. Me and Al Capone are the best bootleggers in Chicago. He ends up having sex with her in a cheap hotel. It goes to a mysterious, paranormal lightbulb area. Makes extra money as a flamingo.