Boy Laughs And Computer Burns

Thursday, September 26, 2002

APRIL 1998
Put the pieces together and tighten them. The greatest thrill ever is to have a woman helpless with joy in your arms. A world without string is chaos. I got lobster and a leather hat. You get lonely when the person you love isn’t around. Eat oranges and live. The number of women getting silk will be a pleasant surprise. When my arms wrap you round I press my heart upon the loveliness. I ache for the touch of your lips, dear. If I see a girl in a short skirt, I look at her legs. But I masturbate three or four times a day by lying on the ground and rubbing up and down. It’s the uniform I would have chosen, if only for the black stockings. I like my parsnips roasted. Crazy with joy because I love you. A dead fish tied up with a ribbon and put in a special box. This needs to be incinerated. This is the story of what happened to me when I died. Less anger more smile. Site of an anvil. Maybe I’ll buy a beret. I feel a flame warming my inner thighs. The fish are really biting. All the best people have interesting chest and bone diseases. Walter Cronkite stayed with my grandfather. Purple tomato gnat mustard. The dreaming tree has died. Grab her, squeeze her, kiss her on the lips. I don’t even like to get this close to cottage cheese. Obviously you’re not a golfer. Who needs a knife and fork?