Boy Laughs And Computer Burns

Thursday, September 26, 2002

APRIL 1997
Sea crèche handle eyes. I could guess the form of her breasts. Don’t you like touching my breast? Does the truck perceive the tree? Kiss me kiss me cover my body in love. You’ll never know the fear of losing someone like you if you’re someone like me. I’m gonna hug you and kiss you and then I’m never gonna be able to let you go. I wanted it to be this phenomenal kiss. You said this was a giraffe. An extraordinary and mysterious force is making me long for you and I beg you to see me. She doesn’t love me as much as I love her. Have you got any old stockings or tights you can give me? Now it’s time for the perfect kiss from the prefect girl. Stop me before I kill my father again. Woman lying in long grass, wearing translucent black bra and briefs. My table is yellow. Everyone is alone at the heart of the earth and suddenly it is evening. I see my angel for the first time. This gland makes you fall in love. Amanda’s saintly behaviour is a credit to all who know her. No matter how it seems, there is always love. This limb belongs to someone who may still be alive. Many women have larger breasts. But the kiss is also a form of enchantment. The girl has almost stripped, but she won’t take her knickers off. I have a heart for my heart. That exciting sound a squirrel makes when you chase him round a pole. Filthy, but genuinely arousing. At the end of the day the only thing she doesn’t give me is sex. Brian you Irish fool.