Boy Laughs And Computer Burns

Monday, September 23, 2002

APRIL 1996
And anything orange is you! I’m glad I’m not a daffodil. Why don’t you throw some love my way? I only understand you as far as wanting to look. A kiss on the cheek is more complicated. This is way too easy. Come on in and we’ll drink your clothes. If you smile, it is to enfold me all the better. Me pulling a can off some moron’s fist. Immediately I was quite fearful for my chickens. And I kissed her toe a number of times. There’s water down there, and some ugly things. Pure love bra. Who is your floor? Wear the sexiest, flimsiest, most outrageous underwear you can find. Make friends with girls and in time one will want to be your girlfriend. Is this a breast enhancer or some sort of perverted alien? If you’re a girl, I hope you’ll be feminine. The key is to get the second set of horses. I spend my time memorising your pretty face. For a long time people had a tendency to put their arms around me, or kiss me. Grass might drink a million pints of Finnish lager. The person you meet might be the love of your life. A kind friend should set fire to his trousers. My mouth on your sex is not enough. Eight got eaten by my two dogs. Someone’s red head being scraped with a thing. You know that I have loved you long and dearly. And what happens when I touch her? You’re being a little weird about your phone.