Boy Laughs And Computer Burns

Monday, September 23, 2002

APRIL 1994
You want that triangle on a shorter strap. A cheese factory in Italy. The eagle wasn’t always the eagle. It makes the air nervous. You’re just obsessed by a beautiful young unobtainable girl. The guy in the hat killed the other guy in the hat. Do you want hit? Was the kitchen hurtling along at eighty miles per hour? One day everyone everywhere will know the wonder of my nipples. I don’t like gates. I must have slapped that horse for at least an hour. The tomatoes are starting to fly. Spreading your loins on top of the shed. Make sure this is a radio. Teenagers might have thrown stones at a lamppost. Their promise of close embraces. I hope you’re not accusing me of inventing the ceiling. I wanted to give you a call and hear the sound of your voice. Are they magic shoulders? Pick me up off the floor. Last seen with her head in the toilet. This is the mutant fish. A bag of peanuts will make your hair grow. Pick up a grapefruit. He flung your piano instead of a cow? I wouldn’t spit at a painting. I’ve never really believed in heliotropes. I wish I was in your mind the way that you’re in mine. What if her head falls off or something? It embarrasses me to tell you what you mean to me.